Unique in the market

by Business Ideas On 24/02/2016 - 5:54 AM


Author : Business Ideas

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Publish Date : Feb 03, 2016

There exist three levels of uniqueness of each business idea. Uniqueness is to be the only one of its kind of business. Uniqueness is something that will increase business potential energy of your business. Three Levels of uniqueness of business ideas are:

  • Which business?
  • What will be business subject, or what you will sell?
  • How you will sell the products?

First level of uniqueness is which business you will start. Think about other businesses in particular market niche that can be your competitors. Ask yourself what difference will offer your business.

Second level of uniqueness is what you will sell. How your products or services are different from products and services of your competitors? Think about answer of this question and note all difference. Think about how much is important that difference for your customers.

Third level of uniqueness of your business idea will be ways of doing selling. How you will perform selling? What you will offer to your customers? Think about answers of these questions. Many times entrepreneurs forget about this level of uniqueness of the businesses, even this is so important for whole business. For example, you want to sell in your retail store and also to give possibilities for shipment to home. Furthermore, you can include internet selling or to accept phone orders. Each of these ways of doing selling can make your business unique.