Makeup tips for the monsoon season

On 29/02/2016 - 1:54 AM

Makeup tips for the monsoon season

Monsoons in India are a mess and looking good takes a backseat when you have to handle umbrellas and bulky raincoats. It is also the time when humidity rises and your hair’s texture and skin’s oil secretion go haywire. Most make-up artists and stylists suggest a minimalist look. Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your skin and hair in ordereven during downpours.

Cleaning the Skin

Keeping your skin clean during monsoons is very important as bacterial action and oil secretion rises around this time. Women with oily T-zones and combination skins are bound to experience a bout of acne. To avoid these problems, it would be best to use herbal astringents to get rid of the excess oil.

You can keep a few wet and dry tissues to keep removing excess oil from the face. Those with dry and normal skin would do well to use ice on their face to remove grime and grease. Before going to bed, use a water based moisturizer from Lakme or L’Oreal. If you have oily skin, its better you use no night cream.

Creating a Makeup Base

Do not use foundation creams as bases for makeup if you don’t want them rolling down your cheeks after a heavy downpour. Instead, use face powder, only sparingly to create a light base. You should use only that much which will absorb the oil from your face.

A light BB cream from MAC can also be used but make sure it dissolves perfectly in your skin.

If you like using blush, go for cream blush which are water proof and add a rosy tint to your face.

Doing up your Eyes

Indian women love wearing kajal but this is unfortunately the season to put them away. Some brands like Faces have introduced water and smudge proof kajal which lasts long and you can try them out. Instead of kajal, you can go for waterproof eyeliner from Maybelline that is likely to last longer than traditional kajal pencils.

You can also add to the beauty of your eyes by thickening the lashes with waterproofmascara. Brands like Revlon produce them with good quality waterproofing that keeps them on for long hours, till you remove them with a cleanser. A touch of pink eye shadow shall also brighten up your look. However, make sure it is only minimal as you don’t want to deal with layers of melting pancakes.


Come sun or rain, using a sunscreen is must because it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. They are available in various SPF ratings which offer different levels of protection. You can use a water based sunscreen from VLCC or Vichy can work wonders on your skin during this time.

For completing your look, wear your hair in a tight ponytail or go short by trying out bobs and pixie cuts. Monsoon months lead to a lot of hair fall and shorter hair shall prevent it. Keep your hair clean by using mild herbal shampoos and conditioners to keep frizz and tangle away.


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