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Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital better known as the pink city,  is world famous for its rich heritage & culture. From spectacular palaces to lush gardens, well-curated museums to folk art centers, Jaipur has so much to offer, The flamboyance of the city is simply infectious. The beautiful of this city increases many folds when it is touched by pink weather, winter. The foggy morning unfolds into a clear day. The warmth of the sun with tingling cool breeze will tantalize the traveler in you.

5. Bird’s Eye View: Take a Ballon Ride

Foret the usual ways of exploring a city by road think differently think adventurous. See the beautiful city of Jaipur from a different angle altogether. Fly up high in the sky, take a balloon ride. Enjoy the spectacular view. You will not forget this experience for a long time to come :)

4. Sumptuous Rajasthani Meals: Treat Your Taste Buds

Just like the Rajasthani culture, Rajasthani food is rich & colorful. The delectable taste & rich aroma of the Rajasthani cuisine is definitely going to enhance your travel experience. Dal batti churma, Rajasthani kadi, gatte ki sabji with a glass of tasty buttermilk is all you need to reach the food heaven ????There is nothing better than a steaming hot cup of milk & crispy Jalebi on a cold winter evening. Try it for once & thank us later :)


3. Soulful Music: Winter night, bonfire & Folk Music

Rajasthani folk music is delightfully audible. It touches your soul. Folk singers usually sing the songs praising the king & state or remember the bygone era. Even if you are not able to follow the lyrics, you will be drenched in the music & ambiance created by them. A comfortable seating arrangement & bonfire is all that you need.

Rajasthani Dance is another treat to the eyes.  Experience the folk dancers performing gracefully.

2. Royal Ride: Befriend an elephant

Befriending this huge creature is going to be an enthralling experience for the kids & adults alike. Touch the elephants, feed them, paint them, take a picture or go for a ride. You will cherish the experience forever.

1. The Royal Escapade: Visit the palaces & royal gardens:

Jaipur, the pink city takes you to the era of kings, queens & royalties. The palaces, gardens & temples are so well preserved that you might feel as if you are a part of the royal world. The experience is unparalleled.Amber Fort, Shesh Mahal, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh & Nahargarh stand tall as the witness of affluent life this city once lived. The beauty & charm of Jaipur is unmatched. You need to see it to believe it!!!


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