Save Money on your Mobile Phone Bills : 4 Proven Ways

On 25/02/2016 - 9:24 PM

Save Money on your Mobile Phone Bills : 4 Proven Ways

In this modern world, cell phone bills are largest monthly expense mainly among the working peoples and the students.  Cellphone at starting invented to contact with the people at the distance and as user friendly, but apart from calling, with our smartphones we can do a lot with a data plan, we’re texting, sending photos, checking email, playing games, surfing the web, and much more.  Within a few minutes all your hundreds and thousand dollars of your savings perspective on your bill and immediately take steps to cut it down in size. It is very essential to pay attention to their cell phone bills. Otherwise cellphone will consume most of our bank balance. In this article i will give you few tips to reduce your phone bill as budget-friendly.


Choose the Right Plan:

Thing you have to notice first is how much you are paying for your cellphone. Check it monthly at regular then check what plan are you in for calls, texts, and data each month?? Better compare the best deals. There are many sites available in the internet.  Comparison sites can save you a lot of money.  it’ll search through thousands of options to find the deals that suit you best, and show you what each offers by way of texts, calls, handset choice, downloads and more.

If you spend more time in internet, go with some good data plans Look for an “unlimited” data plan that will offer you between 500 megabytes and 2.5 gigabytes per month. This way can both avoid overage charges and annoy your teenagers or in calling means go with call rater. Select a family plan with friends in order to reduce your costs.

Mainly while choosing your network, check whether it has a good coverage. Mostly of your money wasted in saying “hello hello can you hear me??!!” rather than in calls.


Use Wi-Fi:

If you are in office or home, coffee shop, or even the gym Use WiFi whenever you can to conserve data on your smartphone mainly when you are checking your  social networking sites. Otherwise lot of your data allotment can quickly disappear. Streaming videos and downloading large files over a cell network uses a large amount of data. If you have a smartphone or other mobile device without an unlimited data plan. Check Wi-Fi for a map of free hotspots. It also has Android and iOS apps that will connect you automatically.  For the precautions in the public place: don’t conduct any financial transactions if you don’t know the network is secure.

Use Free Apps:

There is an alternative solution that works with other platforms like Android then you should check out one of the top VoIP or messenger apps. Problem is that you’ll need the people you’re contacting to have the app installed too. Otherwise to make a call, consider using free apps. Skype, Talkatone, Tango, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook Messenger, Google Voice, and Apple’s FaceTime app are internet-based. Other apps like Apple’s iMessage, HeyWire, and Text+ allow you to send or receive text messages for free.

In this internet options are a great way to make sure you never exceed your monthly limit for cell minutes or texts.

Everyone is having smart phone nowadays. Just install Whatsapp popular among everyone. Which allow all smartphones: BlackBerry, iPhone, Google Android, and the Windows Phone. Mainly it is a free app. Use this as much as you can instead of your regular phone to cut down on minutes usage.


Get a Prepaid Phone:

Don’t lock down in a contract. Mainly while you are buying the new smart phones at a cheaper price, they will urge you make multi-year contract with the phone networks to get around paying for the device up front. However, it can be cheaper not to sign a contract and instead pay off the device through monthly installment payments. Usually, the payments are interest-free and have fewer fees than what you pay over the course of a multi-year contract. You do have to make a down payment on the phone when getting an installment plan in most cases. You’ll even get the option of unlimited data plans at cheaper rates than contract ones.

If you don’t make much conversation with the phone calls, a prepaid mobile phone can also be a good option. These phones have a set amount of minutes per month, and when you run out of minutes, you can purchase more.



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