Supercharge your PC even in less configuration

On 29/02/2016 - 1:44 AM

Supercharge your PC even in less configuration

Certain positive habits can greatly aid in the improvement of a PC’s performance. The observance of these habits does not require the installation of cumbersome software or related utilities. While the latter can significantly help in providing pinpoint info regarding the resource inefficiency of crucial programs, effecting some basic changes to one’s use of the PC can also go a long way in improving the PC’s performance for absolutely zero cost!!!


One of the first such “good habits” is to find and shut down resource-hungry programs. Programs that take up a lot of RAM (Random Access Memory) make computers slower. One of the best ways of finding such resource-hungry programs is by pressing the keys Ctrl, Alt, and Del simultaneously. By doing so, it takes us to the Task Manager, where we can find how much each program is affecting performance. The “Performance” tab allows us to look at the comparative resource-hunger of each program through extremely helpful graphs while the “Processes” tab gives an analysis of the amount of memory each process consumes. Resource-hungry programs should be closed manually using the “End Process” option. Sometimes, troublesome programs that cause PCs to hang or operate very slowly can be get rid of in this way.

The system tray, which provides notification of programs operating in the background, can easily be accessed via an arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The icons of the various system tray programs can easily be seen. Having a large number of system tray programs often causes computers to perform poorly, especially if these programs are social media tools that keep churning out dozens of notifications. Thus, the number of programs on one’s system tray should be kept to a minimum.

Those who use web browsers a lot can also get a significant performance boost by reducing the number of extensions, or add-ons. These can be accessed by typing “extensions” in the browser’s bar. Some extensions, such as flash player, are of the utmost essence for most users. Others, such as those which appear inadvertently when important software is being downloaded, should be get rid of from the system. Sometimes, malware and other malicious software can masquerade as browser extensions also.

These three habits can help computer users a lot, by boosting computer performance for no cost, and simply by optimizing one’s computer use habits. You may be a busy person and you do not have the time to go through such steps time and again. If that is the case, why don’t you try using a PC Booster tool?

PC booster tools will help you automatically run all the PC speed boost steps as well as few other important trouble shootings for your PC. Swift PC Optimizer is one of such kind available online and it will enhance the performance of your PC.


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