Supremely Quick Internet 4G

On 29/02/2016 - 1:50 AM

Supremely Quick Internet 4G

I often find myself cursing the terrible speed of my internet connection. It is ridiculous to keep waiting for the internet to be connected and only to find out later that it is still going to be a painful unbearable wait.

This is why my joy knew no bounds when I heard about the 4G network and how it could bring an end to all my surfing woes. I have a lot of plans regarding how I would use the superfast 4 G network by Airtel in order to serve my purpose.

Video calls

I love seeing people who are not by my side. As I have always loved socializing on the web, I have friends located in almost every continent. It is not possible to travel to each of these countries and hang out with them; however thanks to technology; it is almost possible to see them.

I love video chatting with friends as the pleasure of seeing them live at the very same time gives me a very different kind of thrill. Of course, it leaves a lot more to be desired, but then again, something is better than nothing.

Shopping on the go

There is no such thing as too much shopping, right? I am a hard core shopaholic and I strongly believe that shopping is like a religion and my recovery pill too. Now, 3G isn’t bad for shopping experience but it does take some fun from my shopping experience when I need to wait for the products to load.

This is why with my smart Airtel 4G network, I could shop anywhere on the go. I would look at all those amazing products in the awesome online stores and in the blink of an eye, purchase stuffs to my heart’s content. It is like see, love, shop- whoosh! Voila, life looks so picture perfect, isn’t it?


Now, I am not really the biggest movie buff you will find but it never hurts to enjoy a little extra entertainment. This is why I am going to use my super fast internet speed to download music and movies and maybe a few games too. I love those games where you can challenge people in real time. Internet speed definitely plays a huge role in such games and I would love the lead with the lightning speed of the internet.

These are the top plans which I have in my mind and I aim to make the full use of my 4G network. No doubt, there are a hundred different ways by which I could utilize it too. What do you think would be an apt use of such a whopping speed? I have high expectations from Airtel and its supremely fast network, let me know about your plans and ideas too.

Let the internet take the world by storm! WOOSSSHH!


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