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The Ricoh WG-M2 is another Ricoh camera that looks very impressive (DailyTekk readers already love to buy Ricoh’s Theta S 360 degree camera). An ultra-rugged 4K action camera that has such a tough body that it doesn’t need an extra case to go underwa

Posted On: February 29th, 2016

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Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Ricoh WG-M2 is it’s ultra-wide angle lens which has a viewing angle of 204 degrees (whereas the average action cam is probably closer to 135 degrees). It’s a big upgrade in terms of what you can capture.

The second best feature? The fact that the WG-M2 can record at a super-high bitrate of 100 Mbps. In layman’s terms this means you can capture more data per frame which produces a more vivid, detailed picture overall.

With the WG-M2 you’ll also get a 1.5″ LCD monitor, a stereo mic (which again isn’t covered by an additional case like the GoPro) and large control buttons that can be operated even when wearing gloves. The shake reduction feature, dubbed Movie SR, seems impressive but is only available in narrow mode (so it can’t be used in wide angle shots).

A few final notes. With the WG-M2 you’ll get control of exposure to make on the fly adjustments and you can also shoot time-lapse and slowmo videos. While there is a companion app, and most people will edit their footage using an app like iMovie or Final Cut Pro, there are some basic on-camera editing features like being able to split footage.

The price is certainly affordable: at $299.95, I’d call this this best cheap 4K action camera for people on a budget.

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