Coffee Shop

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Coffeeshop Company is an Austrian family enterprise and part of the Schärf Group of companies. It has specialized in the production of high quality Espresso coffee from highland Arabica coffee beans.

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Queensland, Australia

Phone : 23432423
Fax : 234234
Mail :
Camp - Coffeeshop Company

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Launched in 1996 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Over 1423 cafes spread across 209 cities/towns across India. Hot, piping coffee is most welcome anytime, anywhere. It's something that lets you perk up, when you need a 'zing' to life

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Karnataka, India

Phone : 598764264
Fax : 91419420356
Mail :
BOZO Coffee

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Bozo Coffee is a coffee shop for the young and the young at heart. We're part of Coffee Day Global Limited. We source our coffees from thousands of small coffee planters. They and the many plantation workers have truly made us who we are today

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142 street


Jharkhand, India

Phone : 43434343
Mail :

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